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Experience HardCore Combat

Unrestricted skill releases and a wide variety of combos give you a constraint-free combat experience.

Within 60 days

Language Expansion

Adding support for Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages to reach a global audience.

October 15 to November 15

Halloween Event

Thematic event featuring special activities, decorations, and unique rewards.


New Area: Arambas Volcano

Launch of a new game area complete with fresh quests and challenges.

December 15 to January 15

Christmas Event

Festive event with special missions, Christmas decorations, and themed rewards.


Ranger Class Launch

Introduction of a new character class with unique abilities — the most anticipated update!

Major Update

Explore the World

Team up with friends and explore the secrets scattered across the world, and help its inhabitants solve their various troubles through capturing beasts, clearing dangerous dungeons, or conquering monsters in the wilds.

Arambas Volcano's Lava Behemoth

Encounter the fiery challenge at Arambas Volcano, battling against the formidable Lebaron.

Festive Reindeer Outfit
Flame Warlord in Battle
Ancient Eldertech Ruins
Arambas Volcano Lebaron.