Trade Market

  • Fixed issue when adding items for sale. A chat message will now be displayed in case of failure.
  • Fixed issue when buying items. If a purchase is not completed, a chat message will now be displayed.
  • Fixed visual bug displaying the date of items for sale.


  • Altering Eye will now be consumed to enter Hellhound.
  • Fixed Twin Terrors Hound class 2 quest.
  • Fixed Dire Wolfs Hound class 3 quest.
  • Fixed quest Wanted: Elsodia Hound class 4.
  • Fixed Urban Legend class 4 quest.

Epic Mt. Eda

  • Added War every 2 hours.
  • Reward for the winning faction of the war:
    • 15 - Soulstone of the Conquered
    • 60 - Symbol of Mt. Eda
    • 5 - Gold Bellpeso
  • Reward for defeated war faction:
    • 5 - Soulstone of the Conquered
    • 20 - Symbol of Mt. Eda
    • 2 - Gold Bellpeso
  • PvP zone volatile items are now removed when leaving the PvP zone.


  • Fixed the AI of the monsters to return to their position after ending a fight.


  • Fixed Queen of the Forest quest on Teres Plain NPC Noel.

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