Patch Notes

Attention Players: Important Update on the Rescue Mission "RM" Dungeon

Dear Players,

We want to address an ongoing issue with the Rescue Mission "RM" dungeon. Despite our best efforts to resolve it, the dungeon has intermittently caused server crashes, making it unstable and unreliable. Although the event works occasionally, it consistently reverts to causing crashes, disrupting your gaming experience.

To ensure a stable and enjoyable game, we have decided to temporarily disable the Rescue Mission "RM" dungeon. During this time, we will completely revamp the entire system associated with this dungeon to fix the issues once and for all.

As a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding, we have sent a Fortune Bead and a Luck Bead to the in-game emails of all players who were online at the time of the last crash.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work to improve the game.

Best regards,

2024-05-18 00:51:32

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where the defense attribute of equipment was being read twice (PVE and PVP).
  • Fixed the magic defense modifier affecting both players and NPCs.
  • Fixed the HP restoration system of bosses when reset during combat.
  • Fixed PVP defense, now all damage received in PVP is reduced by 25%.
  • Fixed PVP attributes "PvP Atk" and "PvP Def", now the displayed values are used correctly during combat.
  • Added a system to move AFK players out of the PVP zone.
  • Corrected the critical rate, now the value shown on the client is the same used by the server.

New Features

  • Added email notifications when an item is sold on the Trade Market.
  • Added Makeover Salon, now you can change your character's appearance using Gold Bellpeso or the Makeover Coupon.


  • Fixed class icon in the friend list, now you can see the class even when your friend is offline.
  • Added the Makeover Coupon item in the Cash Shop.
  • Reduced the price of Luck Elixir, Fortune Elixir, and Exp Potion in the Cash Shop.
  • Added Fortune Bead and Luck Bead to the NPC Troublemarker Kyle, both with a cooldown of 10 seconds and 12 hours, for 50 Gold Bellpeso each.
  • Fixed unnamed costumes, it's necessary to update the client to the latest patch.
  • Changed the key charging system when entering a dungeon, now the key is charged immediately upon interacting with the portal.
  • Added Jonny Brown's Recipe to the box Jonny Brown's Sealed Chest.

Server Stability

  • Fixed server crash issues. "I hope it doesn't happen anymore, but if it does, I will continue to investigate the cause."
  • Released the Cave Rescue Mission "RM".

2024-05-16 00:34:18

Sent to all players on Server: 3 Fortune Elixirs and 3 Luck Elixirs via in-game email. If you are online, reconnect to receive the items.

A new patch will be sent shortly to fix the mount dash and missing descriptions.

2024-04-26 03:56:22

  • Trade Market: Fixed an issue where enchantment jewels were lost when adding items.
  • Skill Reset Buff: Buffs belonging to skills are now properly removed. If mounted, the mount will also be unequipped upon using the reset book.
  • Buff Changes:
    • Attack Damage Up Scroll: Previously granted +2000 maximum HP, now grants +200 maximum HP.
  • New Mount Speeds:
    • Tamed Lycian: Speed increased from 25% to 35%
    • Battle Lycian: Speed increased from 25% to 45%
    • Courageous Battle Lycian: Speed increased from 25% to 50%
    • Fierce Battle Lycian: Speed increased from 25% to 50%
    • Steel Battle Lycian: Speed increased from 25% to 50%
    • Moa: Speed increased from 20% to 30%
    • Gale Moa: Speed increased from 20% to 35%
    • Valor Moa: Speed increased from 25% to 40%
    • Swift Veamumu, Swift Steel Veamumu, Swift Courageous Veamumu, Swift Fierce Veamumu, Swift Strike Veamumu, Swift Exceptional Veamumu, Swift Afterlife Veamumu, Novice Warrior Accessory Set, Swift Heaven Veamumu: Speed increased from 60% to 70%
    • Hell Horse: Speed increased from 40% to 60%
  • Dash Speed Increase: Dash speeds for mounts have also been enhanced.
  • New Crafting Mounts:
    • Primitive Battle Lycian
    • Lethal Battle Lycian
    • Infernal Battle Lycian
    • Abyssal Battle Lycian
    • Tempest Battle Lycian
    • Cyclone Battle Lycian
    • Sealed Moonlight Lycian
    • Tamed Vera
    • Battle Vera
    • Gale Battle Vera
    • Steel Battle Vera
    • Force Battle Vera
    • Indifferent Battle Vera
  • Stamina Recovery: Stamina now recovers every 5 seconds. Out of combat, it recovers 50 stamina, and in combat, it recovers 35 stamina.
  • Crafting Updates:
    • Added Luck Bead and Fortune Bead to the Field Token Merchant NPC in Ingen for 50 Gold Belpeso each.
    • Added Luck Bead and Fortune Bead to the Artisan NPC in Epic Mt Eda at each faction's base for Symbol.
  • Drop Updates:
    • Ring of Set Recipe is now dropped by the Ghost Rider Field NPC, appearing in Hero's Lane every night.
    • Added the following items to KTX drops (only 1 item can drop at a time): Crystal, Gold Bellpeso, Gold Bar, Luck Bead, Fortune Bead.
    • Increased the drop rate of the following items from 0.001 to 0.01: Will of the Absolute, Ancient Knight's Helm, Spider Queen's Mask, Viva's Head, Gember's Teddy Bear Bag, Ogre Mask, Golem Helmet, Spider Queen's Mask, Warm Wolfskin Hat.
  • Weather Update:
    • The rainy season in the city of Ingen has finally ended, and now the weather is sunny.
  • Server Stability Improvement:
    • Applied a storage fix to reduce failures when synchronizing with the database.

2024-04-26 03:32:27

  • Changed combat formula, where certain damage modifiers have been removed. For example, when using a skill and knocking down the opponent, damage was increased by 50%, or when hitting an enemy from behind, damage was increased by 10%. All these modifications have been deactivated for testing purposes as they were not used in the official servers.
  • Now, when a character receives healing or damage, the server immediately updates the health bar. Previously, this update was only done once every five seconds.
  • These modifications are currently in testing and may be subject to change in the future.

2024-04-23 16:04:18

  • Adjusted damage dealt when hitting an enemy from behind. Previously, any backstab damage was increased by 50%. This has now been reduced to 10%.
  • Fixed PvP areas in Epic Mt. Eda. Now, all areas marked as PvP in the client are recognized as such on the server.
  • Fixed the item storage chest, now all slots can be used. The option to exchange an item from the chest for one from the inventory has been disabled to prevent potential bugs. (Requires the latest patch available in the client)
  • Fixed the delay in updating character healing information in the party. Now, the information is sent instantly as the character receives healing.
  • Fixed the item buff system where many players were exploiting to avoid consuming the item. Note that any player who abused this system to acquire long buff durations will have them removed.
  • Fixed skill descriptions in the client.
  • Removed the animation when opening loot boxes. (Requires the latest patch available in the client)
  • Other fixes have been made to improve server stability and address the crashes that occurred in recent days.

2024-04-21 22:49:19

Fixed the enchantment system for jewels and Obsidian. Now the stats of the jewels calculated by the server match those displayed in the client.

Fixed the duplicated damage caused by the Sorcerer's Imbalance passive.

Fixed the error that caused the last crash.

2024-04-09 00:51:44

Server Instability and Fixes

I apologize to everyone for the server instability over the past 5 days.

As compensation, I have sent out 10 keys for Hell Hound, 10 keys for Epic Temple Of Renas, and 10 keys for Normal Temple of Renas to everyone's email. Additionally, I have included two Fortune Beads and two Luck Beads in each email.

I have fixed the bugs causing crashes in the Recue Mission "RM" dungeon.

Furthermore, I have added the NPC Ortlinde to the Epic Mt Eda map at the base of both factions.

I have also reverted the change that prevented entry into a faction when it had a significantly higher number of players than the other faction.

Lastly, I have addressed a visual bug in the client that affected potion costumes. This fix is included in the new client available for download on the website. Additionally, I have added the official launcher to the website's client.

2024-04-06 16:24:23

Changes in Epic Mt. Eda War Rewards

Previously, the winner received 60 Symbol of Mt. Eda, and the loser received 20. Now, the winner receives 120, and the loser receives 40. Additionally, Fierce Diago can now drop between 2 and 5 Gold Belpeso, with a drop chance of 25%.

Changes in Black Swamp Battlefield War Rewards

Previously, the winner received 10 Soulstone of the Defeated on Cowen and 30 Symbol of Cowen, while the loser received 3 Soulstone of the Defeated on Cowen and 10 Symbol of Cowen. Now, the winner receives 40 Soulstone of the Defeated on Cowen and 120 Symbol of Cowen, and the loser receives 12 Soulstone of the Defeated on Cowen and 40 Symbol of Cowen.

The increase in rewards aims to compensate for the change in the frequency of wars.

2024-03-26 00:15:44

Changes made in Epic Mt. Eda

During the first 20 minutes of war, the boss has an 80% damage reduction. After the 20 minutes have passed, the boss loses the damage reduction.

Changes made in Black Swamp Battlefield

Due to the concentration of players in just one faction, we have opted to reset the faction of all players.

Applies to Black Swamp Battlefield and Mt. Eda

We have added a limit of a 10-member difference per faction. For example, if Team A has 20 players, for a new member to join this team, Team B must have at least 11 members. We have disabled faction reset during the war preparation period and during the war.

Cash Shopping

We have added new items to the cash shopping.

  • Costume/Weapons:
    • G Clef Broadsword Lucky Box
    • Hammer of Solstice Lucky Box
    • Soulstealer Lucky Box
    • Thunderblade Lucky Box
    • Golem Fist Lucky Box
    • Evilheart Staff Lucky Box
    • Force Shield Lucky Box
  • Costume/Accessory:
    • Horse Head Mask

We have corrected a serious flaw that generated a failure message when synchronizing with the database when moving an item to the in-game bank and then attempting to craft something using that item in the recipe.

2024-03-25 19:10:35

Hello players,

We have implemented several fixes and adjustments to enhance the PvP experience:

  • Fixed a bug where a player, when knocked down, would receive super armor until the stand-up animation was fully executed.
  • Resolved a bug where flinch was unable to remove stun from an enemy.

Changes and updates made to the PvP zone (Epic Mt. Eda, during war only):

  • Increased tower defense by 80%.
  • Increased boss defense by 70%.
  • These adjustments aim to enhance competitiveness in the PvP zone.
  • Now, all faction increases or reductions within the PvP zone can be viewed in the chat system.
  • Disabled snowball damage and any similar functioning items on monsters belonging to the same faction as the player.
  • Added a maximum distance that PvP zone monsters can follow an enemy.
  • Disabled faction change during the war preparation time and during the war.
  • Added teleport stones for the PvP zone, available for purchase at the base NPC of each faction.

We hope these changes will contribute to a more enjoyable PvP experience. Thank you for your support!

Best regards,
RaiderZ Global

2024-03-20 02:27:07

Dear players,

We are excited to announce some recent updates to improve your gaming experience:

  • Fixed the second costume weapon slot, allowing players to use the second weapon skin.
  • Resolved the bug related to armor sets, where equipping another item not belonging to the set would incorrectly increase stats.
  • Increased the drop rates of the following items:
    • Pyroxene Boxes inside NTOR only.
    • Sparkling Gem Powder from some mobs (not all).
    • Teneth's Soulstone and Teneth's Sealed Weapon (slightly).
    • Ichor Imbued Liver item for daily quest ID 998015 (ETOR's Daily).
  • Added Yillis' Waterball Lucky Box to the cash shop.
  • Implemented improvements to the Random Box system to prevent failures when opening a box.
  • Fixed the daily quest Latest Fashion Trend.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

Best regards,
RaiderZ Global

2024-03-20 02:08:31

Launcher Update

Hello players,

We're excited to announce that we have updated our game launcher! This update includes fixes for various visual bugs and addresses the false positive virus alert issue that some players may have encountered.

Additionally, the new launcher now has the ability to bypass the server list, resolving the issue of not being able to find a server to connect to.

An updated client with the new launcher has been posted on our website. Make sure to download it to enjoy a smoother and more secure gaming experience.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,
RaiderZ Global

2024-03-20 01:51:23

Hello players,

We are excited to announce the creation of a new page dedicated exclusively to the patch notes of our server! Now you can keep track of all updates, fixes, and improvements in a more organized and streamlined way.

We are committed to keeping you informed about all the important changes happening in the game, and this new page will help us provide that information more efficiently and accessibly.

Keep an eye on this page to not miss any updates and continue giving us your feedback so we can keep enhancing your experience on our server.

Best regards,
RaiderZ Global

2024-03-20 01:44:21