Dungeon Changes:

  • [PARTY] Temple of Renas: To enter this dungeon, you will now require the Guardian Unguent. You can obtain it through the daily quest "Guardian Unguent" from NPC Supplier Gwen.
  • [PARTY] Epic Temple of Renas: Access to this dungeon now requires the Brilliant Alkali. This essential item can be acquired through the daily quest "Brilliant Mixture" from NPC Horus.
  • Garden of Twilight Dungeon: To access this dungeon, you will need the Thorn-Covered Key, which can be obtained by completing the daily quest "Garden of Twilight" from NPC Gardener Sake.

Quest Fixes:

  • Guardian Unguent Daily Quest: The issue with the Guardian Unguent daily quest from NPC Supplier Gwen has been resolved.
  • Brilliant Mixture Daily Quest: The issue with the Brilliant Mixture daily quest from NPC Horus has been fixed.

Monster Balancing:

We have reworked the magical damage calculations for all monsters. Previously, the calculations were based on physical damage, resulting in imbalances in debuffs, especially evident with the boss in Garden of Twilight.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We hope these changes enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy your adventures in RaiderZ!

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