PATCH NOTE 10-16-2023

1. Login Screen Freeze Fixed:

We've resolved the issue causing the login screen to freeze when reconnecting with a deceased character. You should now be able to log in smoothly.

2. Temple of Renas Statues:

Statues in the "Temple of Renas" were activating at the beginning of the Boss battle, which was unintended. This has been fixed, ensuring a more balanced gameplay experience.

3. Boss Gardem Immunity Bug:

A bug causing the boss in Gardem to have unintended immunity has been fixed. The boss should now function as expected.

4. Gem Enchantment:

We've made improvements to the gem enchantment system. Slot breakage issues have been resolved, ensuring your gear remains intact when upgrading with gems.

5. Iridium Drop Adjustments:

The drop rate for Iridium has been adjusted. Instead of a maximum drop of one, you can now receive between 2 to 4 Iridium. This should help you collect more resources efficiently.

6. Brunes Updates:

We've made several corrections and enhancements to the Brunes system to improve its functionality.

Best regards, The RaiderZ Online Team

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