PTACH NOTE 10-30-2023

Fixes in the EPIC TEMPLE OF RENAS dungeon:
  • Added missing monsters.
  • Fixed Creeper Tunnel Spiders to move beneath the ground.
  • Fixed the boss Prology so that damage is only increased when it is down.
  • Improved the boss Kuld's attacks (not 100% yet).
  • Corrected the temple script to prevent cheaters from reaching the final boss.
Skill correction:
  • Fixed the sorcerer's Awakening skill: now consumes ALL stacks of Fire Magic & Ice Magic, not just 1.
  • Fixed Ice Barrier: now the damage is applied only once.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented STUN when the enemy was KNOCKED DOWN or THROWN UP (Knocked back).
General fixes:
  • Fixed the Ghost Rider boss in the REVENGE OF THE GHOST RIDER quest.
  • Items removed from the cash shop: Wink License and You're the Best License (refund available).
  • Corrected player location information during combat, resolving issues such as healing failure and incorrect opponent position on the screen.
  • Added a second channel in most maps to be used when the boss spawn fails.

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