Cleric Skills:
  • Circle of Healing: Fixed visual bug where you can't see the amount of heal that is received by allies.
  • Salvation, Dire Recovery, Circle of Healing, Heal, Heal 2 and Heal 3: Fixed incorrect percentage calculation of healing, which was healing less than it should.
  • Blessing Concentration: Fixed EP regeneration calculation, which was regenerating more than it should.
  • Dire Recovery: Fixed visual bug.
  • Heal, Heal 2 and Heal 3: Fixed bug that caused healing to fail after receiving an attack.
  • Uplift: Fixed ''Uplift'' effect.
Berserker Abilities:
  • Furious Dash Lv.2 & Lv.3: Fixed Endurance effect preventing the player from getting flinched.
Sorcerer Abilities:
  • Awakening: Fixed consumption of Fire Magic & Ice Magic, now consumes all stacks.
  • Ice Barrier: Fixed double damage.
  • Flame Concentration: Fixed.
  • Meditation: Fixed EP restoration calculation.
  • Magic Crystal: Fixed EP restoration calculation.
Assassin Abilities:
  • Fortifying Elixir: Fixed reduced duration of crowd control effect not working.
  • - Added missing Creeper Tunnel Spiders and removed those positioned incorrectly.
  • - Added missing Floating Substances.
  • Creeper Nest:
  • - Added the NPC for supplies.
  • Fixed: Now mounts cannot be used inside dungeons.
  • Fixed: Automatically dismounts when receiving damage from an enemy.
  • Fixed: Automatically dismounts when picking up loot.
  • Fixed: Automatically dismounts when collecting or mining.

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