Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing loss of unused skill points when receiving a new quest.
  • Fixed interaction NPC icons and the bug where interaction NPCs disappeared and reappeared after an interaction, preventing them from performing assigned actions.
  • Fixed the time to execute an interaction with an NPC, resolving delays in progress bar completion due to discrepancies between the client and server.
  • Adjusted the location of NPCs for the "Great Magical Power" quest.
Inventory Bug Fix:

Fixed a bug in the inventory where, when the expanded inventory was full, it did not allow moving items from the cash shop to the regular inventory. Now, even if the regular inventory is full, if there is space in the expanded inventory, you can collect, craft, or receive an item from the cash shop in the expanded inventory.

Cooking Items Fix:

Fixed special cooking items, and now they can be used normally.


Fixed the drop of items for all bosses available in Hell Hound and added all missing NPCs in all available instances.

Transformation Bug Fix:

Fixed the bug caused in the last update where collecting an item using transformation would undo the transformation.

Mount Usage Rules:

Improved the rules for using mounts in dungeons and PvP areas. Now, upon entering a dungeon, the mount will be unequipped automatically. It will also be automatically dismounted when initiating loot collection. Only specific mounts for these areas will be usable in PvP zones.

Server Log System Improvement:

Enhanced the server log system to ensure server integrity.

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