PATCH NOTE 15-02-2024

Fixes and Enhancements:

  1. Trade Market:

    • Fixed the error that occurred when adding only part of a stack of items to the Trade Market.
  2. Inventory:

    • Added a correction to the inventory to prevent potential bugs when moving large quantities of items.
  3. Automatic Item Organization:

    • Fixed the automatic item organization ("Sort") system to ensure safer item management.
  4. NPC Movement:

    • Improved NPC movement to address sliding issues during battles.
  5. Dungeon Keys:

    • Adjusted the dungeon key system. Now, if someone remains in the dungeon while in a party, other members can leave and re-enter without consuming new keys.
  6. Boss Master Of Garden:

    • Addressed bugs related to immunity and life recovery for the Boss Master Of Garden, even when the tail is destroyed.
  7. Cosmetics in Cash Shop:

    • Added new cosmetics to the Cash Shop to enhance the visual experience.
  8. Magic Defense:

    • Implemented magic defense. Previously, only physical defense was considered.
  9. Quest Fixes:

    • Corrected quests that could not be completed previously.
  10. Iridium Farm Expansion:

    • Added +5 spots for Iridium farming in Cowen Marsh.
  11. Improved Loot:

    • Loot improvements for Dark Veilnus in Epic Temple of Renas.
    • Enhanced drop rates for Rietz Sewer bosses.

Special Thanks:

In recent months, we faced instabilities due to hacker attacks, which we believe are now resolved. We sincerely thank everyone who stayed with us during this challenging period. Your support is crucial for the growth and continuous improvement of our server.

Enjoy the updates and continue to explore the world of RaiderZ Global!

Best Regards, Satoshi

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