Patch Notes - [Current Date]

Gameplay Changes:

  • Tutorial Map "Battlefield" Overhaul: We've revamped the "Battlefield" tutorial map, enhancing the gaming experience by adding new attacks to all mobs. Prepare for a more engaging and dynamic tutorial!
  • New Dungeons: Explore exciting new dungeons in our world:
    • Epic Temple Of Renas: Embark on a thrilling adventure in this challenging dungeon.
    • Creper Nest: Take on the "Cave Rescue Mission" quest as you venture into the Creper Nest.
    • Garden of Twilight: Discover the mysterious and enchanting Garden of Twilight.
  • Artisan NPCs in Cave of Nightmares: Say hello to "Special Armor Artisan Haminsk" and "Special Weapon Artisan Marek," now available in the Cave of Nightmares. They bring unique crafting opportunities!

Cash Shop:

  • Gift Correction: We've addressed issues in the Cash Shop gift system, ensuring a smoother shopping experience for our players.

Zen System Update:

  • Online Zen Earnings: We've made changes to the way Zen is earned online. To receive Zen for staying online, players are now required to acquire VIP status on our website. Additionally, we've removed the previous 500 Zen limit for online Zen earnings.

Gold Bellpeso Exchange (Beta):

  • New Feature - Gold Bellpeso Exchange: We're excited to introduce a beta version of the Gold Bellpeso exchange system on our website. This feature allows players to trade Gold Bellpeso for Zen. Please note that this system is currently in testing, and we plan to introduce more ways to earn Gold Bellpeso in the near future.

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