Broken Mast

  • After relog or go to character screen and back to game again activate Ancient Power buff.

Moa bug

  • When I go to Ancient Ruins and use Ancient Power, next I go away from Ancient Ruins, Ancient buff is deactivated and I have Moa icon, I move faster.

Spawn NPC Scout Lindale

  • Added NPC Scout Lindale to the game.

Sorcerer skill

  • Ice Barrier: Hits 2 times and few seconds later hits again if enemy is in skill area.
  • Pillar of Fire: Hits enemy which leaves the skill area 2 times.
  • Crystalization: Works for 1 second and after you can move and receive damage in the next 1 second. After this, Crystalization freezes the enemy.
  • Flame Tornado: Maybe I see it wrong, but after this skill works, enemy gets one more hit from this skill. Hits normally 2 times and after this, there is one more hit.

Salvation quest (Cowen Marsh)

  • When I start this quest, I got knockback, I stay move a few steps and again knockback.

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